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An album of natural sites
in the six Northeastern United States

Do you pine for the evergreen trails of the Pine Tree State?
Do you long for long walks along Long Island Sound?





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Green Mountains, Vermont (JPEG 18,561 bytes)
Vermont farms thrive on the fertile soil washed down
over the centuries from the Green Mountain range

This site presents a collection of photos* focusing on natural New England. They have been posted in response to requests from former New Englanders.

The purpose of this site, I guess, is to make these people homesick.

The world is full of former New Englanders, it seems. People are always leaving for California or the South for the weather, or maybe New York or Texas for their careers--anywhere but New England.

Of course, it's the people who left the region who gave it some of its natural charm. The farms they abandoned turned back to forest. The millponds they dug turned back to racing streams. Most of their houses have rotted away, but a few buildings, hollow and ghost-infested, still cling to existence in the woods.

So with that in mind, we'd like to thank the people who moved away from our six-state region. You helped make it the beautiful place it is today.

* The snapshots posted at this site should not be confused with professional or artistic photography. Some were taken with a crummy little 110, others with an early-model 35mm SLR.
If you would like to contribute pictures of New England to this site, e-mail a JPEG digital photo or scan (under 100 KB!) to


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